What Water Pillow Should You Buy in 2020?: Expert Review

After a certain age, most of us are no longer strangers to all kinds of pains and aches. For some, these unpleasant sensations have always been their constant companions — even from a young age. One of the more common issues is constant neck and shoulder pain.

We can bet that you know the feeling. Waking up in the morning, not feeling rested at all, with mounting tension in your neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, sometimes even your back or your head. This can be the result of previous injuries but it can also be something so trivial as sitting for too long or sleeping the wrong way.

Sleeping plays a big role in how well you feel, so if something affects your nightly rest, it’s no wonder if you’re slightly cranky the next day. Don’t worry! It’s very possible that the cause of your neck pain is easy to determine. It might just all be down to the pillow you sleep on.

What Are Water Pillows?

Water pillows are very similar to traditional pillows in terms of how they feel and look like. They have one major difference though, and it’s that difference that gives them therapeutic qualities. They come with little pockets of water placed between the cotton or polyester pillow stuffing.

This gives them an edge, as they do not flatten over time as regular pillows do. They also adapt to the natural shape of your head and neck. This, in turn, gives you ample support and relieves some of that built-up tension.

Getting a water pillow just might revolutionize your whole sleeping experience. What have you got to lose? Read on and familiarize yourself with our favorite water pillows in 2020!

Chiroflow Pillow

This super-comfortable pillow has layers upon layers of healing goodness hidden beneath its soft exterior. Many people claim that once you’ve slept on Chiroflow, you won’t want to go back to your old pillow. We’re inclined to agree with them.

It’s a jumbo-sized pillow and it measures 20 x 28″ (51 cm x 71 cm). It’s going to fit just fine into most standard and queen-sized pillowcases. And what hides beneath the pillowcase? Let’s talk about all the different layers.

The exterior is made out of hypoallergenic polyester. This layer is quite thick and remarkably soft to sleep on. However, it doesn’t budge too much and it gives your neck the cervical support that it requires.

Beneath the polyester, you’ll find a thermal insulator that protects the water layer. The last step is the water layer: the key to the therapeutic haven that this pillow provides. The water interior is easy to fill up and maintain, and it maintains its healing qualities for a very long time.

If you find yourself complaining due to aches in the cervical portion of your spine, this pillow should help you with that. It also helps with headaches; remember that those too are often associated with spinal issues.

PineTales Premium Water Pillow

PineTales has produced a pillow that’s actually actively endorsed and recommended by doctors and chiropractors. Thanks to the comfort and relief that it’s able to provide, we also recommend it to you with full confidence.

The outside of this pillow is made out of 100% cotton. Beneath that, it’s filled with ultra-plush microfiber, and deeper still lies the adjustable water core. All of that is securely contained with a YKK zipper.

This PineTales pillow is delightful to sleep on. It provides just enough support to keep you healthy and rested. It adjusts to the shape of your body and remains soft throughout months of use.

It comes with a specialty cooling pillowcase, so you won’t be needing your own. The cooling effect only adds to a general sense of comfort that you’ll get from sleeping on this pillow.

If comfort and healing are what you’re after, listen to the experts and consider picking up this pillow.

Core Deluxe Water-Filled Cervical Pillow

This is a pillow that may not have a whole lot of layers over the water-filled core, but it does have one advantage: it has a trapezoid-shaped displacement panel. This ensures that you’re getting all the neck support that you need while you sleep. The shape is simply pre-adapted to the recommended option.

The 100% cotton fiber cushion that envelops the inner water chamber is soft and pleasant to the touch. You’ll feel the luxury of soft fabric against your skin as you lie down and enjoy the flexibility of this pillow. 

It fully adjusts to your spine, neck, and head, but without giving too much leeway. This is actually a good thing because it prevents you from sleeping the wrong way and making your issues worsen.

The water chamber is removable and can be refilled with ease and without making a mess. The manufacturer also provides you with a support leaflet that tells you how much to fill up the water container. It helps you gauge just how much water you need to achieve your desired level of firmness.

Chiroflow Pillow – 2-Pack

A lot of us like to have more than just one pillow on their bed at a time. Be it for your spouse or simply because you roll over in your sleep, two is usually better than one. This two-pack of therapeutic pillows is sure to grant you many nights of good sleep.

Proven to drastically reduce neck pain and improve sleep quality, Chiroflow pillows are recommended by experts all over the world. 

The external layer and the cushioned part is made out of hypoallergenic polyester. This is especially great for the many of us that suffer from debilitating allergies. You can also, of course, put your own pillowcase on top of Chiroflow, as it doesn’t come with one of its own.

There’s a layer of thermal insulation that protects the easily fillable water pouch. The more you fill it, the firmer the pillows will be. This makes them highly adjustable to your unique needs.

If you want two water pillows for an affordable price, this dual set seems like the way to go.

ScripHessco Next Generation Water Pillow

Some water pillows may make a little noise if you roll around too much. If you’re one of the people that absolutely can’t stand noise when they sleep, we think you’ll like ScripHessco.

The refillable chamber in this pillow is specially made to quiets the sound of the water that is inside it. This limits all background noise and allows you to sleep soundly. It’s also shaped in a way that promotes cervical spine health.

Made out of a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton, the pillow houses a PVC film water chamber. The container is encased in a thick layer of polyester fiber that makes it pleasant to sleep on.

This pillow will automatically adjust to your shape. You don’t have to worry about it remaining overly fill when you swap positions — it will adapt just enough to give you a healthy night of sleep.

For a quiet night of restful sleep, take a look at ScripHessco.

Mediflow Fiber Water Pillow

Mediflow has been clinically proven by an independent John Hopkins study to significantly reduce neck pain and headaches. Recommended by doctors and chiropractors, it just might be the key to relieving you from pain.

You’re sure to enjoy the 100% hypoallergenic cotton that coats this pillow. It’s very comfortable and silky-smooth to the touch. The fact that it won’t trigger any allergies is a welcome bonus.

Within the cotton encasing lies the insulated water pouch. It’s protected by a polyester fiber layer on top, so it lies securely in place and does not move around while you sleep. It does, however, adapt to all sleeping positions.

Whether you prefer to sleep on the side, on your back, stomach, or a bit of all three, you’ll be able to find comfort in this pillow. It requires no fluffing of any kind — the water pouch keeps it solid but soft!

If you feel like your pain is severe, it’s always good to go with a premium quality product. This is the right choice if you want to go by the words of the experts.


Neck pain and associated headaches make getting a good night’s of rest impossibly difficult. What’s worse, the pain may persist during the day, only growing worse as you get more tired. Luckily, a lot of the time it can be easily fixed.

Water pillows come with a wide array of therapeutic qualities. Countless people all over the world swear by them and refuse to sleep on any other type of pillow. We hope that thanks to our guide, you too will be one step closer to relieving neck pain!

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