where to buy a travel pillow

Where to Buy a Travel Pillow & How to Choose?

Every person has some individual test, needs, requirements. They just don’t want a pillow for using in travel, they want to use something different which fulfills all the requirements, easy to carry and look stylish too. 

So before choose and buy any travel pillow, you should know some factors like, shape, type, materials, pros and cons of the travel pillows. Do you know from where you can buy a travel pillow?

For buying, you can choose local stores, where all types of travel pillows are available with all category of price. Or you can go for online shopping where thousand of options are available.

The good side of shopping on the local market, you have the option to see, judge and compare yourself. So you would have a clear idea about, what will be the product performance.

Well, almost, where in the online market. A picture and some of the feature description will appear in front of your monitor. Besides, sometimes you have the compare option with other products but there is no real experience of judging any product or negotiations.

Therefore, online shopping is being popular day by day. Business websites are trying to improve themselves more and more customer friendly. Like, Amazon, world’s largest website for shopping.

Thousands of travel pillows and other items are available for you with cheap in price. On maximum of their product they offer good deals, warranty, customer service, viewer rating etc.

Now, let’s go for our topic where to buy the best travel pillow and how to choose. But at first, how to choose a travel pillow?

Various shape of travel pillow can be found in a market. Shapes are an important factor because it's going to support your neck and back to prevent pain or stiffness. Hence, here given various shape of travel pillows, like,

U-shaped pillows: This shape if travel pillows are goes around your neck, support proper poster and cradle. Because of its shape your head can fall aside.

J pillows: Just like the “J” this pillow cradles your neck quite like a U-shaped pillow. Also, it supports chin and cushioning your head side to back. Moreover, its complete support of neck and head won’t fall your head when you are sleeping on the chair.

Collar travel pillows: This type of pillow goes around all over the neck. There is a start to bring the collar together. These pillows are good for providing neck support. Especially, where the traveler is sitting upright and not leaning to the side.

Cushions- It’s a smaller version of a regular pillow. This rectangular shape of the pillow is not that supportive for necks like other neck or travel pillow but they are multifunctional.

SkyRest pillows: These are an inflatable pillow and little huge the others. It has a slanting top to head rest. The pillow sits on your lap so you can keep your head and rest peacefully. Some people find this pillow comfortable but sometimes it causes back strains.

Travelrest pillows: These are the special shape of pillow resemble an elongated comma. This patented pillows curved end goes over the back of you seat and other rest goes over the chest. Its unique design allows you to rest you head and neck against the pillow.

Types Of travel Pillows

Pillows are commonly are two in types. Here are the name and some pros and cons of the travel pillows.

Travel Pillow Type




    • Lightweight
    • Takes space when to deflate
    • easy to clean
    • Less strong support
    • Should have to blow them before use


    • Available in many shapes
    • Provide strong support
    • Takes more space
    • Heard to clean
    • heavy

Travel Pillow Material

Normally inflatable travel pillows made out of coated plastic. So they are unpleasant for skin and make you sweat.

So you need to buy covers for them. Some of the manufacturers are now making inflatable travel pillows with comfortable breathable covers too. Where non-inflatable pillows come with lots of variation like,

Foam: Travel pillow made out of foam can be a good option when its matter of comfort. Many types of foam and their variations of firmness are a bit confusing to choose. Apart from others, memory foam pillows are good to choose for its maximum comfort and support. But this foam is not so breathable and causes sweating.

Beads: These pillows mostly filled with pellets or beans. They are good for support neck and head and can shape easily. But they are little heavy to carry.

Down: These types of pillows are lightweight and good for cushioning. But they are not good for enough support and uneasy to clean.

Polyester: This type of travel pillows are cheap, easy to clean and comfortable. They are also hypoallergenic too. But they are not that good for providing support.

Wool: They are soft, tend to keep the shape and easy to clean. They last longer but costlier.

Buy Travel Pillow Case

You will find many travel pillow case on the market. They come with many size and materials.

The commonly found fabric for travel case pillow is cotton, jute cotton, polyester, silk, velvet etc. its better to use cotton fabric for a pillow case. They are easily washable, soft and comfortable too.

The measurement of pillow cases around 12"x16" and 13"x19". You can adjust the size by giving pre-orders. Custom made pillow cases are available in some websites or local shops. They can make you full customize designed case including name, logo, special art design etc.

Pillow case those are sewn on a serger machine won’t fray when washed or dried and last longer. So ask these things your retailer before buying any pillow case.

Both inflatable and non-inflatable pillows are available for neck pillow, but if you want a comfortable and neck support pillow then go for “U” shape, “J” or butterfly shaped travel neck pillow. They are very support, lightweight and good for travels.

In Conclusion

So, when you are going to buy a travel pillow, make sure it goes perfectly your travel mode or types. Take an easily washable pillow cover with a comfortable easy to keep a pillow in your bag or at least your luggage.

It could be made with foam or just be an inflatable pillow. So before thinking to buy travel pillow consider what suits you best and easy to maintain all by its sides.

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