Puredown Comforter Reviews 2020 :(Top 10 Picks)

The only time most of us rest is when we sleep. And the only way to ensure that your sleep is sufficiently restful is to purchase the best bedding items on the market. This is why the comforters are so expensive.

Manufacturers know that customers will pay any price they demand to secure a high-quality comforter that can keep them warm, dry, and comfortable. Of course, the majority of  Puredown comforter reviews you encounter will argue that a hefty price tag does not necessarily translate into a high-quality comforter.

This is music to the ears of every consumer who wants a decent comforter but cannot afford to spend the hundreds of dollars so many bedding stores demand.

Puredown comforters are soft against the skin, almost cloudlike in their fluffiness and surprisingly long-lasting, and you can get one for less than a hundred dollars. If you don’t believe us, just look at the list below.

These are some of the best Puredown comforters on the market and they are all so cheap. Every single one of these items will deliver every attribute you want out of your comforter without straining your wallet.

Don’t let the length of this list frighten you. The quick navigation will make browsing our reviews simple. And if you don’t have the time to read all these words, take a look at the table below. It has all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of your next Puredown Comforter.





puredown Luxurious All Season Down Comforter Hotel Quality Stripe 100%...

1. puredown Comforter Cotton Shell Stripe White

  • White down (75%) and white feather (25%) Filled
  • 100%  cotton shell
  • All season comforter, odorless, lightweight
  • Baffle box design
  • 500 thread count and 800 Fill power

puredown Goose Down Comforter 600 Fill Power Cotton Shell 500 Thread Count...

2. puredown All Season Comforters


  • White  goose down (60%) and white goose feather (25%). 
    And Outer shell is 100%  cotton 
  • double needle stitched cotton cover
  • Soft, fluffy, odorless
  • 500 thread count and 600 Fill power

puredown White Down Comforter Year Round Use Extra Soft Cotton Shell All...

3Puredown 600 Fill White Down all year Comforter

  • 75/25 white down and  feather mixed fill
  • Pure cotton shell
  • Double needle stitches,fluffy, all season odorless comforter
  • 600 fill power and 233 thread count

puredown Lightweight White Down Comforter Soft 100% Cotton Thin Light...

4. puredown Lightweight  Duvet Insert Down Comforter

  • 75/25 white down and  feather fill
  • premium cotton shell 
  • lightweight and Box stitching design 
  • 4 corner tabs to anchor duvet cover

puredown All Season Luxury White Down Comforter Down Fiber Duvet Insert...

5. Puredown All Season Luxury White Down Comforter  

  •  Down,Waterfowl Feather,Feather Fillr
  • 100% cotton cover.
  • Gusseted side wall
  • Four corner tabs

Puredown Heavy Goose Down Comforter 400 Thread Count 600 Fill Power...

6. puredown Heavy Fill White Goose Down Comforter

  • High fluffiness 
  • 400 TC and 600 Fill white goose filled (75%) with box stitched cotton cover

puredown 800 Fill Power Heavyweight Goose Down Comforter, 700 Thread Count,...

7. puredown Natural White Goose Down Comforter

  • 93% Goose down filled with 700 thread count cotton cover
  • 800 Fill power
  • lightweight, fluffy

puredown Soft Lightweight Down Blanket with Satin Trim for Bed 100% Cotton,...

8. Puredown Lightweight Natural White Down Blanket 

  • White down and white feather mixed Filled with Satin weave cotton cover
  • luxurious and noiseless

puredown Lightweight Duvet Insert 100% Cotton Cover 550 Filling Power Down...

9.  ​puredown Lightweight Duvet Insert

  • 75% Down,25% Feather
  • 280 TC and 550 Fill power

puredown Premium Natural White Goose Overfilled Bed Topper 100% Cotton...

10.  Puredown  Goose Down Feather Overfilled Bed Topper

  • 100% Cotton Fabric Mattress Pad
  • Stylish and Luxurious
  • 75% White Goose Down filled

Top 10 Puredown comforter reviews

1. Puredown Cotton Shell 500TC Comforter

puredown Luxurious All Season Down Comforter Hotel Quality Stripe 100%...

If it is winter where you live and you need to minimize your heating bill, this comforter is thick enough to keep you warm all on its own. If you live in hot and humid conditions, the comforter is breathable enough to cover you without overwhelming your body with heat.

This is what they call an all-season comforter. Though, with 40 oz of down feather and a fill power of 800, it works better in the winter than the summer. Using natural white down (75 percent) and natural white feather (25 percent) for filling, the cover is a stripe dobby fabric (100 percent cotton) that adds a luxurious aspect to your bedding.

The comforter’s style is accentuated by silver gray satin piping which gives it that premium aesthetic. As with most down comforters, this one will prevent overheating by wicking your sweat away.

The baffle box design works in tandem with the double-needle stitching to ensure that the filling remains contained and evenly distributed inside the comforter. You can get it in Twin/Twin XL-Large, Full/Queen, and King/Cal King.


  • All-season comforter.
  • Baffle box design and double-needle stitching guarantee a long life.
  • Affordable.


  • Too warm for some regions.
  • A little noisy.

2. Puredown 600 Fill White Down Comforter

puredown White Down Comforter Year Round Use Extra Soft Cotton Shell All...

This comforter has so much in common with the one above, but it is slightly cheaper, and the features reflect this decline in the price. For instance, the comforter uses White Down (75 percent) and White feather (25 percent) filling.

But the fill power is 600 instead of 800, and the fill weight stands at 36oz instead of 40 oz. But these minute differences are unlikely to register. Everyone that has used the comforter agrees that it is stiff and somewhat smelly when you first acquire it, but a thorough wash makes it unbelievably soft, so much so that it feels like you’re wrapped in a cloud.

The cover is still pure cotton. You also get the same baffle box design and double-needle stitches that keep the filling contained, preventing shedding whilst also eliminating cold spots.

For all its durability, you are still encouraged to protect this comforter with a duvet cover. You should also fluff it on a regular basis. If you must store it for long periods, keep the comforter in a cloth bag.


  •  Soft, feels like sleeping inside a cloud.
  • Affordable.
  • Effective all year round.


  • Stiff when you first unwrap it.
  • Also smelly.

3. Puredown 800 Fill Natural Down Comforter

puredown 800 Fill Power Heavyweight Goose Down Comforter, 700 Thread Count,...

Of all the comforters we have touched upon, this stands out the most. On the one hand, it mirrors many of the items we have explored above. You still get white goose down and a pure cotton shell.

The baffle box construction isn’t present in every item that we have covered, and you will appreciate it because it prevents the filling from shifting and clumping.

But other than that, everything else looks similar. The piped edges are present, giving the comforter a crisp look, and you can buy this product in a variety of sizes, including Twin, Full, and King.

The difference lies in the quantity, not the quality. Yes, this is white goose down but it constitutes 93 percent of the filling, the highest percentage we have seen so far. The other segment of the filling is white goose feather (7%).

The fill power is 800 and the weight is 50 oz, guaranteeing a soft, fluffy, cloud-like structure. The cotton fabric has a thread count of 700 which is ridiculous. No wonder so many customers have commended this item for being soft, heavy, and durable.

With specs like this, you shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that this is the most expensive comforter on our list.But this price tag is still lower than what you see with most premium quality comforters on the market today.


  • 800 fill power and 50oz weight guarantee a cozy, warm, sleeping experience.
  • Baffle box construction will combat clumping.
  • 700 thread count delivers a soft, plush shell.


  • Flat when it arrives, needs time to bloom.

4. Puredown Lightweight Down Comforter

puredown Lightweight White Down Comforter Soft 100% Cotton Thin Light...

All the comforters above meet the ‘Responsible Down Standard’. They have certificates proving that the geese and ducks which provided their feathers were humanely treated.

This comforter is no different, and yet it is the cheapest product we have profiled so far. But that doesn’t reflect poorly on its quality. Available in Extra-Warm Full/Queen, Extra-Warm King, Year-Round Warmth Full/Queen, Year-Round Warmth King, and Year-Round Warmth Twin, you are encouraged to acquire the comforter in a size that fits your climate conditions.

But in truth, most of these sizes are sufficient for every season, just like all the comforters above. The 18oz fill weight doesn’t sound that impressive but it gets the job done. So does the 223 thread count. This is supposed to be a smaller, thinner comforter, so these specs make sense.

The filling (75% White Down and 25% White Feather) is a natural insulator that will contain your body heat in the winter.

But even in the summer, the product can be trusted to regulate your temperature, keeping you dry by wicking your moisture way and allowing it to rapidly evaporate.

The shell is pure cotton which is warm, cozy, and hypoallergenic. You still get the box stitching design that prevents cold spots by keeping the filling from shifting. The sewn corner tabs are new. They will keep the duvet cover in place.


  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Incredibly soft and fluffy.
  • Cheap.


  • A little too warm for a lightweight comforter.
  • Crinkles a bit.

5. Puredown Luxury White All Season Down Comforter

puredown All Season Luxury White Down Comforter Down Fiber Duvet Insert...

Here’s an interesting fact regarding all the comforters we have mentioned so far. They are all meant to be dry cleaned, or at least, that is what their labels say. But consumers have washed and dried them with a machine, and they have survived.

This comforter is no different in that regard. Like the other items above, it is also a little stiff, smelly, and crinkly when it first arrives. Though, it grows softer once you wash it.

The price tag is friendly, just like all the other comforters on this list. The biggest difference is the filling. You still get down, but it only makes up 5 percent of the filling. There is also waterfowl feather (15 percent) and Feather fiber (80 percent).

But you shouldn’t let this blend scare you. The comforter is still soft and fluffy. And at 8 pounds (with a fill weight of 67oz), it is heavy and warm on the one hand, but also light and breathable, suitable for warm conditions.

That breathability is partly the work of the durable cotton (100 percent) shell with its sewn box construction, gusseted sidewall, and double stitch design. These features will keep the comforter from shedding whilst also ensuring that the filling remains evenly distributed, preventing cold spots.

If you have a duvet cover, the four corner tabs of this comforter will anchor it in place.

Naturally, the comforter needs to be aired out for a few hours after you get it. Despite the smell, you should know that the product is made from environmentally friendly material.


  • Soft, fluffy but durable.
  • It keeps you warm all night long despite the changes in the weather.
  • Effective in all seasons.


  • A little stiff.
  •  Too heavy and warm for some.

6. Puredown Heavy Fill Goose Down Comforter

Puredown Heavy Goose Down Comforter 400 Thread Count 600 Fill Power...

This comforter’s biggest draw is the plush, breathable filling (75 percent white goose down) which the manufacturer carefully selected and thoroughly disinfected before inserting it into this product.

The White Goose Down naturally traps heat. So you can trust it to keep you warm in the coldest of winters. The fill weight (40oz) is sufficient to deliver that fluffy structure that most people want in their comforters, especially with an impressive fill power of 600.

Of course, a high-quality filling isn’t enough. You need to ensure that the white goose down stays inside the shell, which is pure cotton fabric with a thread count of 400, soft against the skin and durable.

You need to guarantee that the filling does not shift or clump. This is where the box stitch design and piped edges enter the picture, not to mention the four sewn corner tabs that will secure the comforter to its cover.

This price is higher than what you might see with most other items on this list. But for a premium product like this, most of you will gladly pay it.


  • Uses high-quality, naturally insulating white goose down.
  • Uses box stitch design to prevent shifting and clumping.
  • 400 thread count and 600 fill power guarantee comfort in most seasons.
  •  Fit for bigger sizes of beds.


  • Several customers have complained about leaking feathers..

7. Puredown All Season Comforters

PUREDOWN 600 Fill Power White Goose Down Comforter

This Pure down White Goose Down Comforter made of 100 percent cotton, 37 Oz filling with 600 fill power, 500 TC sateen striped weave, allergen free, leak-proof cover, lightweight, year-round comfort with medium warmth and luxurious appearance.

 Pure down is a very popular name to users of white goose down comforter. Ensuring to keep you warm with great classic design, Pure down is one of the best names out of comforter manufacturer. And today Pure down White Goose Down Comforter Review is our subject.

This comfortable down comforter is capable of keeping you warm even below fifty degrees Fahrenheit temperature in your bedroom. Its satin fabric feels softer and comfortable. In easier bed making, it will support you to make bed ease in a morning.

A white goose down comforter is also able to fulfill all your seasonal needs and it will save your time and energy all the year round. Moreover, this is a perfect combination of comfort and elegance.

Regular washing is not recommended. It’s a common issue for natural down comforters. It allows dry clean only.

People who dwelling in cold cities like New York or London, the foremost need to keep the warmest comforters at their home. Almost White Goose Down Comforter becomes the first choice for luxury lover users because of it is warmth than the other down comforters. Here, we just picked a down comforter to review.


  • More resilient, have no quills to poke you.
  • Allergen free guaranteed hypoallergenic.
  • Superior warmth and unforgettable comfort.
  • Contains perfect thickness, for a proper down.


  • A bit costly but awesome qualities and fine materials enough to spend this amount..
  • As the edge of the sheen tone is golden color, it may seem many users a hotel bedding feel to them..

8. Puredown Lightweight Natural Down Blanket

puredown Soft Lightweight Down Blanket with Satin Trim for Bed 100% Cotton,...

The last item we profiled was the best of all the comforters on this list. So naturally, one would think that this one, the next item on the list, has nothing of significance to offer.

But that isn’t necessarily true. Yes, the white down (75%) and white feather (25%) filling is nothing special. And neither is the 100% cotton fabric from which this blanket is made; though, it is definitely soft against the skin.

The 12oz fill weight is a little demoralizing. But this is a lightweight blanket, so those figures make sense. More to the point, ‘Puredown’, the manufacturer, has assured its customers that they made this blanket for use inside and outside.

In other words, at 4.4 pounds, the blanket might seem small and thin and uninspiring but it is more than warm enough to keep you warm in cold conditions. The high-quality stuffing is a natural insulator that will retain your body heat in the winter, keeping you cozy and comfortable despite the climate conditions in your immediate vicinity.

The fact that it is so cheap is a welcome bonus. We can’t forget the box stitching. This is what prevents the feathers from shifting. Even more alluring is the satin weave which is responsible for the blanket’s beautiful, luxurious but noiseless shell.

You can get the blanket in Full/Queen and King Sizes.


  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight yet warm and cozy in the winter.
  • Beautiful exterior.


  • It sheds.
  • Material is stiff and crinkly at the start.

9. Puredown Lightweight Duvet Insert

puredown Lightweight Duvet Insert 100% Cotton Cover 550 Filling Power Down...

This is supposed to be a lighter duvet for the summer, which is why it is just 5.6 pounds in weight. Like most other comforters with affordable price tags, this one is stiff, crinkly and smelly when you first get it.

But a bit of airing and washing solves all these problems. Speaking of washing, this comforter is machine washable which is convenient. The shell is cotton which is supposed to be tough and long-lasting but also soft. The double stitching the manufacturer uses will combat shedding.

Even though it is called a lightweight comforter, ‘Puredown’ is quite proud of the ‘high fluffiness’ of this product. But with a fill power of 550 and a fill weight of 25oz, that is to be expected.

The filling is still down (75%) and feather (25%) both of which are light but warm, known for trapping heat in the winter but also permitting air to circulate through them during warmer conditions, making for a breathable comforter that does not overheat in the summer.


  •  Cotton shell is double stitched to decrease shedding.
  • Warm but also ventilated.
  • Cheap.


  • Makes a crinkly sound.
  • Flat in the beginning, needs time to bloom.

10. Puredown Premium Natural Down Overfilled Bed Topper

puredown Premium Natural White Goose Overfilled Bed Topper 100% Cotton...

This is an interesting product on which to end. At 23x21x9 inches and 16.75, it is so much thicker than you expect. It isn’t until you unwrap it and fluff it that you realize how thick and soft ‘Puredown’ made it.

The elastic fiber makes the topper very easy to set up. The cover is cotton, not just on top but underneath. The filling (75 percent white goose down and 25 percent white goose feather) does not ball up when you wash the topper which is convenient.

Besides the natural insulation and ventilation properties which contribute to its warmth and breathability, the down and feather filling is both gentle and supportive, kept in place and prevented from shifting by the baffle box construction design.

Every component of this product was carefully selected and thoroughly disinfected, so you need not worry about bad smells and hazardous health consequences.

The product comes in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes, so you have a number of options to consider.

The topper is a little divisive. Some consumers were repelled by the chemical smell but that is to be expected from any product that is vacuum-sealed in plastic. And you can banish the smell by airing and washing the topper.


  • Thick and fluffy.
  • Uses soft, gentle, durable cotton fabric.
  • Baffle box construction prevents shifting.


  • It comes with a chemical smell.
  • Needs frequent fluffing.


Most Puredown comforter reviews you read will tell you that the biggest attraction of these comforters is their friendly price tags. And they are not wrong. These comforters look amazing.

They have the sort of luxurious sheen that is typically reserved for more expensive premium comforters. And yet they have so much more to offer than just their looks. Most of these products have incredible fill power and weight, more than adequate for anyone looking to purchase a nice, fluffy, cozy comforter at a fraction of what most premium comforters of this quality would cost.

This just goes to show you that you should never judge a comforter by its price tags. Some of these comforters are less than $100 and yet they have thread counts and high-quality filling that enables them to compete favorably with their more expensive counterparts.

Benefits of Pure Down Comforter

It is Goose Down filling

One of the most important things to check on a comforter is how it is made of. The main performance of a comforter relies on it. The comforters made out of duck down are cheaper than the goose down. It is made of 37oz filling with 600 fill power. So, fill power 600 makes you capable of keeping warm even in below 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in the bedroom.

Soft Cotton Cover

The White Goose Down Comforter has a soft and comfortable cotton cover. The cover is made of 100% cotton, using 500 threads. It is not only able to protect the comforter, also makes it last longer. The satin peeping has four corner tabs to keep the materials in its place properly.

Allergen Free

This super comfortable comforter is made of pure goose down materials. It has no quills to poke you, further the down is more lasting and more resilient though the cost is a little bit high. This comforter is guaranteed hypoallergenic, that refers it is allergen free. Comforter which contains animal feathers that may trigger allergic for users. This Goose Down Comforter cause no harm to your health.

Luxurious Design But a Little Costly

The goose down comforter is best in its design. Its luxurious design goes match with any kind of room decoration. The classic stripe, white pattern adds some extra luxurious appeal to this comforter. Moisturizing cream, facial cream or skin oil can be absorbed by the down fill. The duvet cover of this comforter keeps it neat, clean and dry.

This is soft, comfortable, long lasting and most warmth comforter which can warm you even in very low temperature. And with all these awesome qualities and fine materials, the price is not extra made actually.

Durable and long lasting

Some people thing that the comforter made of pure down is as durable as the comforter made of down alternative materials. But this is not true for pure down comforter.  The high thread count and high fill power make this comforter durable than any other types of comforter.

Final Verdict

To get quality along with durability, this is very few happens with a maximum of the daily products today. But this great comforter allows you to get the both together at once because this is a quality product in the market. The materials, it is made of is totally allergen free, long lasting and comfortable to use for a long time. It allows you to enjoy sleeping during summer with remarkable breathability. It requires very low maintenance comparing other comforters.

Though this needs to dry wash when necessary, but many users also told that in the normal wash, the comforter is the same before. They couldn’t find any problem in normal washing. So, before buying, check properly the white goose down comforter quality. You will be love in this comforter once you buy it!

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