WonderSleep Pillow Reviews 2020:(Unbiased Reviews)

After heavy daily duties like sitting behind the computer the whole day, or doing the lifting or sitting behind the steering wheel throughout can be the taunting.  You need to have enough and comfortable sleep.

However, can you get the desired rest when you put your head on the stone? Sounds funny but some pillars are next to rocks. That is why it is important to consider buying WonderSleep pillow, The best pillow in the market at an affordable price. But, before buying this pillow we are highly recommending you to read our complete reviews about WonderSleep pillow from below:

Features of WonderSleep pillow 

WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft [Queen Size 2-Pack] - Shredded...


1. This pillow is for any types of bed size

The pillow is meant for any bed especially the queen-size. There is no worry about bigger beds. It is suited for you and your partner. They come as a pack of two to experience love and comfort at a go. It is 60% polyester hence very soft for sleepers and brings back the nostalgic times.

2. Safe and sound

The pillow keeps you and your partner safe and sound.  It is made from 100% shredded memory foam.  Which provide comfortable support for your head and neck; hence you feel no pain as you enjoy your sleep.

3. quality of the material

Enjoy the quality of the material. It is covered by a breathable cover. This feature saves you from the dust mite.

Additionally, the people who have an allergic problem, they will get proper support during sleeping as this pillow is also hypoallergenic. Hence, you get undisturbed sleeping all night long.

4. Easy washable and breathable Zipper

You cannot suffocate even when you put your mouth and nose on the pillow.  

The good news is that the zipped cover plus the pillow are easy to wash in the machine.  Therefore, don't worry about washing. 

5. Easily adjustable

you can also easily adjust the usability of this pillow. You have the option to remove some of the foam from the pillow to adjust it according to your comfort.

You can also add foam if you feel that the firmness of the pillow is low for you, fillings to increase the firmness of the pillow.  Add the foam and redistribute it well to get your desired support. You can also add fluff to make the same adjustments.To learn in details read how to fluff your pillow.

6. Stay cool throughout

You also stay cool all night or day long depending on what time you sleep.

Since it is made of foam, it adopts the room temperature and does not sweat. It gives you a cooling effect as you enjoy your sleep. You don’t have to turn to look for a more relaxed side.

7. Readily available

the pillow is available in most of the leading online stores.  Don’t worry about where to buy the pillow. You can order through the various leading platforms like Amazon, and you will be sorted.

8. Therapeutic support

This pillow is also useful for the patient who suppers from therapeutic pain. This easily adjustable pillow allows you to adjust the loftiness of the pillow.

So, you can align your head, neck, and hip according to your comfort.

pillow gives head and neck support

pillow gives head and neck support

9. Guarantee

 Get the product with a guarantee. You will agree that most consumer goods do not come with a warranty period or if there are, very few. This product has a one year warranty period and money back in case you find any defect.

Pros and cons


  • The pillow is very affordable. You will not part ways with hundreds of dollars for this unique product despite its fascinating features.
  • You can adjust the pillow’s firmness. If you need less rigidity, you can remove some foam and let go. But if you need extra firmness, you can add in some more foam or fluff to fit your desire.
  • The pillow is easy to wash as it does not need special instructions. Put it in the machine and wait for the clean pillow from it.
  • We understand the importance of your partner.   Enjoy the sleep together with your partner or place one at your neck and the other on the back to enjoy your comfort.
  • The mites away own nature and hygiene of the pillow.


  • It is only meant for bigger beds
  • The two pillows cannot fit on a smaller bed.
  • Difficult to hand wash

06 Important Questions and answers

Question: how the firm is this product?

Answer:  the pillow is firm, but you can easily adjust its firmness by either removing or adding the foam to fit your desired comfort.

Question:  Does it remain cool during the night?

Answer:  the pillow is not a cooling agent but does not heat up during the night. It maintains the room temperature.

Question: what is the typical bed size for this pillow?

Answer: queen size.

Question: What types of fabric are used to make this pillow:

Answer: The manufacturer uses premium fabric to keep this pillow cool as well as luxury.

Question:  How do you disappear the odor of this pillow after opening it from the package?

Answer: After cutting the plastic cover of the shipped pillow, you should put this pillow on the dryer to fluff it up or you can keep this pillow on the open air to get the direct sun heat. Consequently, the normal odor of your pillow will disappear permanently. OR  simply resting the pillow in the open air to allow air penetration. Free window space also a suitable space for resting the pillow to get sunshine as well as airflow.

Question: How to wash this pillow?

Answer: As we know there are two separate covers of this pillow. The outer cover is called pillowcase, which you should wash separately. The inner pillow and the outer pillow both can be washed in a washing machine also. Please read out” miracle bamboo pillow washing instruction to learn in details.


The Wonder Sleep pillow is the best product to use if you need comfort as you sleep. It is tested and confirmed worth pillow purchasing.

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